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Local Cable

Media Monitors’ patented broadcast monitoring technology constantly records top-rated Local Cable networks in major markets across the country. Our computers automatically track millions of recurring commercials 24/7, 365 days a year. Our team of spot data specialists research and identify hundreds of new advertisers and commercials every day. Media Monitors Local Cable service provides occurrence information for the Local Cable networks we monitor.

Media Monitors offers Local Cable in more markets than any other monitoring service. In addition to monitoring the major Cable networks we also monitor Regional News and Regional Sports networks in most of our markets. Review any network’s log of spots as aired, and watch the creative. Information can be tracked by Account, Parent, and Category. Make knowledgeable decisions with current information.

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Why you will profit from this powerful Local Cable tool:

  • Identify prospects for new business
  • Increase profitability from existing clients
  • Improve accountability
  • Track competitive advertising



What our Local Cable service provides:

  • Same-day Local Cable data availability
  • Immediate access to occurrence and creative all in one system
  • Powerful online search tools for Local Cable in your market
  • One-click data export to Microsoft Excel