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Frequenly Asked Questions

Media Monitors FAQ
What is the primary purpose for Media Monitors?
Media Monitors provides competitive intelligence for markets in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, India and South Africa. Media Monitors is the leader in radio spot monitoring (MRC accredited), Newspaper Ad Tracking, Broadcast TV and Local Cable TV and provides sales and marketing tools for media research firms and advertising agencies.
What does it mean that Media Monitors radio service is accredited by MRC?
In the early 1960s, a US Congressional Committee held hearings on the purpose and accuracy of audience research and considered regulation related to the TV and Radio industries. These hearings resulted in the formation of an Industry-funded organization to review and accredit audience rating services called the MRC – Media Rating Council. The MRC counts 130 Board members in total, representing TV and Radio Broadcasting, Cable, Print, Internet and Advertising Agency organizations as well as Advertisers and Trade Associations. Major US Research organizations seek the MRC accreditation today and, if successful, the year-long stringent audit process brings remarkable credibility in the industry. Media Monitors has received MRC accreditation for its radio spot data.
How does Media Monitors know what was played or what ran?
Media Monitors’ patented broadcast monitoring technology constantly records top-rated networks in major markets across the country. Our computers automatically track millions of recurring commercials 24/7, 365 days a year. Our team of spot data specialists research and identify hundreds of new advertisers and commercials every day.
How long does Media Monitors keep the audio or video?
90 days.
What markets do you monitor?
Too many to list here. Check out our Market Map.
How are new advertisements identified?
Audio and video from top-rated broadcast stations is recorded using field sites in major markets. Our patented method of fingerprinting technology is then used to identify spots, and program output. These are forwarded to our Data Centers, where teams of specialists research and identify new advertisers. Play information is then added to the existing online database where users can easily search and access data, sort and examine it using a simple Web interface.
How soon is new advertising data available?
Often same day availability is available.
How is the actual creative viewed?
Report results will display an Instance number that links to the flight data. The flight data includes day and time of airing, the program title the spot aired in (if applicable) and a Media icon that allows playback of the creative.
How are my report results organized?
Most reports offer a variety of sorting options so you can organize the data by Account, Parent, Category, Instances, or even Estimated Expenditure.
What are some of the different aspects of Media Monitors that can help media outlet, or agency?
With Media Monitors Expenditure Data, Cost-Per-Point statistics and accurate verification, we can be your one-stop shop for quality information. Give your sales staff the tools to maximize their share of every dollar spent from every media campaign. Access an estimate of each campaigns expenditure so you can chart your sales compared of your competitors.
Can I download any of the reports or data?
All reports are available in the results screen and may be exported to Excel for further review or printing.
Is there a way to look at more than one station at a time?
Yes, Audience Reaction Face-Off compares two media against each other at the same time.
What is Mscore and how does it work?
Using minute-by-minute data from Portable People Meters deployed in US markets, Media Monitors has created a groundbreaking index: Mscore, the result of a partnership between Media Monitors, Mediabase and Arbitron. By showing how much the radio audience changes stations while a given song is playing, Mscore creates this performance rating for each song. The results are displayed in an easy to read graph, based on week to week airplay and listeners’ reaction.

Using a patent pending algorithm, the multi-week moving trend of switching activity determines the Mscore for every song. The value can be positive or negative; representing less or more switching.
Does Media Monitors track programming?
Media Monitors records all content in select market broadcasts and identifies 30 and 60 second commercials as well as the log of spots as aired.
What do I see from Media Monitors in newspapers?
You can see each ad the way it ran in the paper, even in color if that is the way it was published.
Does Media Monitors provide any support or training?
Of course. Media Monitors offers FREE one-on-one or small group training sessions for new or existing client companies. Regularly scheduled WebEx sessions may be viewed here. Contact Chad Pfeiffer at 1-800-67-MEDIA, ext. 4863 or E-mail Chad at Capacitación en español disponible a petición. Contacte a Ruth Arias al 1-800-67-MEDIA O vía correo electrónico
How do I get a free trial?
Contact sales and you will be up and running on a free trial.
How do I log in if I forgot my password?
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