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Local Internet


Methodology for Internet Data in Media Monitors

Media Monitors tracks local online display advertising by placing our data collection equipment physically in the markets we monitor. By tracking online advertising on web properties specifically targeted to that market Media Monitors is accurately providing a view of in-market advertising.

Media Monitors has done the research to identify the locally targeted web properties in each market we monitor. Within each market, the number of web properties monitored varies from 150 to 400. The list of web properties for each market is regularly reviewed and updated and is available on request.

The online advertising data collection & processing follows four steps, listed below:

Step 1: The software continually crawls each web property each day.

Step 2: A proprietary program finds display advertising from each website, downloads the creative files, and captures specific data such as the URL, time, and date.

Step 3: Automated processes are run on a nightly basis to match each creative observation to our existing database library and identify new advertisements.

Step 4: The previous day’s newly observed data for known creative is available in Media Monitors the following day. Brand new creative is reviewed by our Discovery staff to identify the display advertising content and that data is typically available within 2-3 days.

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What our Local Internet service provides:

  • Immediate access to creative all in one system
  • Powerful cross media search tools
  • One- click data export to Microsoft Excel