Frank Cammarata - Vice President, Sales

Frank Cammarata has been with Media Monitors since its launch in 2004, previously working at parent company and radio software giant RCS, also based in New York.

Earlier, Frank worked at Disney/ABC in New York as Director of National Syndication for the "Scott & Todd Big Show" originating from WPLJ-FM, and Director of Affiliate Relations at ABC Radio Today Entertainment.

Cammarata was at CBS for 17 years as Programming Manager, then Director of Music & Entertainment Programming for CBS Radio Networks, entering as a program and production assistant for legendary DJs "Cousin" Bruce Morrow and Don K. Reed's "Doo Wop Shop" at WCBS-FM in New York.

Frank helped develop and/or produce radio versions of David Letterman's "Top Ten", Tom Joyner's "On the Move", CBS Hispanic Christmas Special, and with adaptation of radio specials of the Grammys, Country Music and MTV Video Music Awards, the Academy Awards, and numerous others.

He owns a digital production facility in upstate New York.